MU Roomy Guide and Rewards


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Jun 2, 2020
What is MU Roomy?

1) A mini card game to find pairs from one set of hidden cards (24 ea)

2) Cards are differentiated by its number (1 ~ 8) and color (red, blue, yellow)

3) The goal of the game is to achieve the highest score by matching as many cards as possible

How to play

1) Collect the cards by monster hunting

2) When the game starts, click the card deck at the bottom left corner and raise the number cards

3) Click the card then move it to the empty slot

The total score

1) Your total score is based on the points you earned within one set (24) of cards

[MU Roomy Score Board]

Get a chance to win these awesome rewards:

Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Chaos
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Harmony
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Creation

Lost Map
Spirit Map

Cherry Blossom Flower Petal(10)
Cherry Blossom Rice Cake(10)

Horn of Fenrir
Condor Feather

Excellent Items
[Bound] Blessing of Light Greater (10)
[Bound] Blessing of Light Medium (10)