Announcement - Open Beta Test


Staff member
Jun 2, 2020
Hello MUtizens,

Thank you to all the participants of our Closed Beta Test phase, We know how excited you are regarding the Open Beta Test phase. We assure you that before we jump to our next phase minors reports will be done. We will also announce the winners of our race event from CBT and we will post the announcement here in our forum and our facebook page. We will based the winners on our ranking page tonight 7:20 PM since that's the last cache of our rankings before we end our CBT.

🔸BUG FIXES - We're working on all major bugs to be able to release OPEN BETA (OBT)
🔸BUG FINDER EVENT - Management will be reviewing forum reports and confirming bugs found and properly reported. Awardee will be based on who gave the proper report first.
🔸OPEN BETA OPENING - Target date for releasing is July 16/17. Definite dates will be released with mechanics of releasing our sponsored prizes of Machenike branded laptops

Thank you and God bless!