Server is now ONLINE!


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Jun 2, 2020
Greetings Mutizens,

🔸Combo Quest Released
🔸Infinity Arrow Quest Released
🔸Soul Barrier Skill Drop
🔸Devil Square Ticket (Xshop)

🔹Loyalty Rewards
  • Bonus +25% Coins for all Top-Up in STORY until July 30th.
  • All Top-Up in STORY from July 10 to 30 will reflect the equivalent amount (NO BONUS INCLUDED) in ASIA S15 Realm.
  • All STORY Players who reached level 250 on July 17 will receive $10 USD + Special Muun worth of coins in ASIA S15 (TopUp Code & Item Code will be sent via EMAIL)
  • Top 10 Players in STORY will receive additional $10 USD worth of coins on the start of OBT of ASIA S15
Management has been debating and has come to a final decision to postpone the release of Atlans until the "Level Race" is over as this map would greatly affect and rush the reaching of level 400 and affect Story's planned long term goals and we would want the community to relive the active grind on DEVIL SQUARE & BLOOD CASTLE trying to avoid a zombie community of AFK but maintaining a gaming balance.

The STORY Classic Realm is only a month old and we plan to grow it through a long progression.

Thank you for your support on keeping the classic game of MU Alive